Preventing Vaginal Odors And Infections: What You Should Know

Personal hygiene is very important, especially for a woman, as your vagina can be a breeding ground for bacteria and odors, and they could lead to infections. Sometimes personal hygiene just isn't enough to prevent these things, and you may need help in another way. There are things you can do to prevent odors and infections. Read on for some helpful information to help prevent these things from happening to you.

Pap Smears 101: Everything You Need To Know

A pap smear is a simple and quick procedure that can help detect cervical cancer early. If you are due for your pap smear or are just curious about it, read on for more specific information about this procedure. What Happens During a Pap Smear? During a pap smear, your doctor will use a speculum to widen your vagina. They will then use a swab or brush to get the cells from your cervix.